Welcome to Bloomsbury, NJ

Photos by: Dave & Carrie Lowthert

Borough Council Meetings:

Borough Council meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Borough Hall unless otherwise indicated. 


Council Meeting Minutes

Council Agendas

See also Borough Budgets and Annual Audits pages.

Borough Council:

Use this email to send an email to ALL Borough Council Members - council@bloomsburynewjersey.com

Martha Tersigni* - Mayor, Council Member, Administration/Finance, Planning Board

Lisa Burd - Clerk/Administrator, Registrar, Vital Statistics, Animal Licensing

Chris James - Council Member

Vicky Papics - Council Member, OEM, Board of Education

Al Stiehler- Council Member

Chris Smith - Council Member

Kathleen Jordan - Council Member, Newsletter

Eric Weger - Council Member

*Please Note: We have had trouble forwarding of emails from our website email to Mayor Tersigni. We are working to correct to the problem, which happens intermittently. PLEASE ALLOW 5 BUSINESS DAYS for a response from the Mayor, then contact Borough Hall if you do not get one. Also consider CCing Lisa Burd on your email since there has been no trouble getting email to her.


Borough Council