Welcome to Bloomsbury, NJ

Photos by: Dave & Carrie Lowthert

Snow Parking Reminder

All motor vehicles must be removed from the streets in the Borough when more than 2" of frozen
precipitation falls and must remain off the street until 12 hours after the cessation of frozen precipitation
events. Residents and visitors needing additional off street parking during inclement weather, can park at the
Borough Park located at 100 Church Street, or at 98 North Street in the lot located at the corner of Gardner
Street and North Street. Parking is at your own risk and please be sure to remove vehicles from the lots as soon as the streets are
completely clear. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Borough Hall at 908-479-4200.

Beginning November 15th and ending March 31st, there shall be NO PARKING on the south side of
Brunswick Avenue from its intersection with Church Street (Route 579) to its intersection with Route 173
during and following any period of frozen precipitation (e.g. snow, sleet, etc.) for so long as the roadway
is not entirely free of accumulations of frozen precipitation.

Snow Parking & Removal in the Borough

Winter Snow Removal

After Council’s review of the Borough’s snow removal practices, a decision was made that non-essential alleys that are difficult to navigate either by reason of their configuration or man-made obstructions will be cleared when man power and conditions permit. As a result, if plow drivers of the Borough’s DPW determine in their sole discretion that accessing or attempting to plow any of these alleyways is dangerous and could result in either damage to a borough vehicle or to an adjoining residence, snow will not be removed from those alleys until conditions permit safe passage for DPW vehicles.  This is in accordance with New Jersey Statutory Regulations which only require removal of snow and/or ice from main thoroughfares within the Borough.