Welcome to Bloomsbury, NJ


Photos by: Dave & Carrie Lowthert

Planning Board Meetings:

3rd Tuesday of every month (unless there is no new business)

at 7:30pm at Borough Hall. All meetings are open to the public.

Zoning Officer:

Lawrence Creveling: Zoning Officer, Code/Parking Enforcement

Office Hours (at Borough Hall): Monday, 5pm-8pm & Thursday, 10am-11am


Zoning Permit

Borough Ordinances


Zoning Board:

Lisa Burd Reindel - Secretary/Clerk

Matt Korbobo - Planning Board Member

Ann Ferrero - Planning Board Member

Karen Murray - Alternate Planning Board Member

Vicky Papics - Alternate Planning Board Member

Tom Reilly - Planning Board Member

Martha Tersigni - Planning Board Member

Robert Waterson - Planning Board Member

Kimberly Wentzel - Alternate Planning Board Member

Steve Gruenberg - Attorney

Volunteers needed for Planning Board

      Member and Alternate positions

Planning & Zoning

Borough Engineer:

Maser Consulting - C. Richard Roseberry, P.E., P.P., C.M.E


Construction Code Office: 

Building, Plumbing & Electrical Code


171 Route 173 Asbury, NJ