Welcome to Bloomsbury, NJ

Photos by: Dave & Carrie Lowthert


Bloomsbury Volunteer Opportunities.

Our Borough succeeds because people in our community volunteer their time to make sure it does so. Our councils, committees, commissions and events are staffed by volunteers who want to make our Borough shine.

But, as with many volunteer organizations. those willing and able to volunteer are in short supply and we are always looking for community members to step up and continue to make the Borough one of the best in Hunterdon County.

Please click one of the links below or contact Borough Hall for details.


VOLUNTEERS WANTED:  Pattenburg Rescue Squad  http://www.pattenburgrescue.org/volunteer
590 County Route 614
Asbury, NJ   08802


Station:  (908) 730-9298

Fax:  (908) 730-8403